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Are you ready for flu season?

Experts say this might be a doozy of a flu season - early and powerful. Community spread is already kicking off, and it looks like it's time to stock up on some rehydrating fluids and fever reducers.

Nurse Coach Kate's flu-fighting strategies for her home are:

- Annual flu shots for those who can

- Fruits and Veggies at each meal

- Handwashing before meals

- Rest and fluids in a separate bedroom for those who are sick

- Caregiver wears mask to provide care for those who are sick

- Vitamins at the first sign of sore throat

What are some ways you prepare for flu season?

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1 comentário

07 de nov. de 2022

We have a little travel fridge that goes to the sick person’s room. We stock it with water and gatorade.

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